About Meanwyle…

Yes, I know it’s spelled meanwhile but I cannot be chained to your arbitrary rules!

I am not a writer. I do not have a Masters in Creative Writing or a Doctorate in English Literature. (I’m just assuming you have to capitalize Masters and Doctorate.) I’m hardly qualified to sign my own name. In truth, my signature is just two squiggly lines. Come to think of it, even my e-signature is just a series of those symbols at the top of the keyboard. So please be patient as I attempt to be at least a little entertaining with my musings. This is not meant, by any means, to be a professional blog. I WILL probably write about my cat! If you’re not left a little underwhelmed, I’ve worked too hard. Thanks for stopping by and any suggestions/comments anyone would like to leave I will try to welcome with an open mind and heart.

2 comments on “About Meanwyle…

  1. You might want to let people know more about you on this page. ❤ Stacy


  2. Jim Long says:

    I’ll be waiting for more of you musings


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