That’s Outrageous!!!

Sometimes, it seems like people are just looking for things to be offended by. (See: Broccoli-gate.)

I came across an OpEd in the local paper written in reference to the NY Times article about North Carolina. For those not interested in following the links, the Editor had written a cheeky scene about an elderly couple discussing the NY Times article that criticized North Carolina’s newly elected Republican led government. The gist being that the wife questioned the moves the government was making while the husband, who had not read the article, not only agreed with the new legislature but was obstinately determined to continue on in his red-state state of mind. Moreover, he mostly wanted to eat his grits in peace. I thought this was hilarious!

However, others were not so pleased. This funny little piece apparently so worked up the local population into a lather that the editor felt inclined to issue this apology. Most of which, based on the comments was not accepted or was given “TRUE” forgiveness by way of backhanded acceptance.

Google always says it best!

I, again, am extremely amused because here’s the thing: They are not offended by someone coming out against the government they elected. They are not put off about another’s opinion on abortion or taking away medicaid. Not bothered by 170,000 people suddenly without access to unemployment benefits. They don’t even seem that upset by the elderly gentleman in this scenario coming off as overtly racist. No, sir, they are offended because they think it makes this great state come off as a bunch of rubes.

I dare say, they are offended by the grits!

Sadly, stereotypes exist for a reason. As a transplant to this region, I was initially charmed by North Carolina. It’s beautiful scenery from the mountains to the outer banks and it’s colorful history. Especially, here in the Piedmont which once served as a shining “beacon” to civil rights. (The most well known being the sit-in at the Woolworths counter.) In my time here, I have even met a former District Attorney who had the gall to try the Ku Klux Klan for murder of members of the Communist Workers Party. (I found this on Google.) Even though he failed to convict these murderers, I have read that this led to the dismantling of the Klan in the state.

So after living here for some time, a realization has come over me and it’s one that I think underpins these opinions people have about us rather than disproves it: In order for you to have these great moments that right egregious injustices, you have to have a whole lot of egregious injustices! If you’ve got a D.A. that has to go up against the Supreme Court to try a gang of gun toting racist thugs, there are probably a lot of gun toting racist thugs around. I have never read a news story about four black men that sat down at a lunch counter and just got served lunch.

The point is that both the NY times and the Editor in question here got it absolutely right. If you want to be offended, then live a life that affects change and stop crying because someone made you look silly. You look silly because you live in a place that IS being silly.

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