I received a phone call last night at exactly 12:07 a.m. from a blocked number. I answered it, like you do and I swear this happened:

“I’m watching you.” click.

I just kind of sat there, staring at my phone. It honestly took me a long time to decipher what they had said. (At first, I thought it was, “I wanna chew you.” but that didn’t make any sense.) I admit to being a little concerned. Anyway, this set me off on a day of pondering and drawing parallels and now I’ve decided that maybe “blocked” is a theme.

Writer’s Block:
I started this blog to be a creative outlet. My mid-June New Year’s resolution was to write at least once a week but really once I got past the first two posts, I’ve had nothing to say. I give complete respect to those of you out there that can sit and write and be entertaining. It’s truly impressive. Feel free to send ideas.

I left a job in management in December. I really wasn’t worried. I think my resume speaks for itself and I’ve never had trouble finding work. I just wanted a change. (Perhaps not the most well thought out plan in my life, I will admit.) Anyway, the point is, I’ve been getting these calls from employment services asking me to send an updated copy of my resume. Good thinking! I really must stop sending the one detailing my experience answering phones as a seventeen year old. Ironically, the best response I got was the one line email I sent that basically said “I want this job.”

Since when is foreplay supposed to involve more than waiting for a commercial to say, “Wanna have sex?” This is an outrage!

I’m sure there are other examples I could draw from but this kind of outlines this feeling of stagnation I have sometimes but that’s it for now.

As a final note, I was telling Christine about this entry and when I got to the part about sex she says, “I’m sorry. Should I stop doing that?”

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