“Oh, go to Hell!”

So this is my new blog and I’m trying to commit to writing at least once a week. I thought I’d just start light so here goes…

You know the origin of saying “Bless you.” after someone sneezes? Based on the source, this is usually attributed to a belief that when you sneeze:

– Your soul will escape.
– A demon will enter you body.
– Some other variation of the aforementioned resulting in your eternal damnation.


Luckily, some segment of mankind has discovered, no doubt through relentless research and painful trial and error, that we can be saved from our untimely fates. It seems the simple act of literally anyone; regardless of religious beliefs, background or training saying “Bless you.” is enough to eliminate this threat. I don’t know if anyone really believes that any more. These days it’s more of a common courtesy. I just happen to live with a woman who has both terrible allergies and a cat. Which, after the world’s longest setup, brings me to the point.

Christine sneezes.
Me: Bless you.
Christine sneezes.
Me: Bless you.
Christine sneezes.
Me: Oh, go to Hell!

I don’t say it’s original or even remember where I heard it. I just think it’s cute and perfectly sums up our relationship.

Good night.


2 comments on ““Oh, go to Hell!”

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  2. Thanks for the pingback and view; we really enjoyed your post 😀


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